G27 Gen5 Subcompact | .40 S&W


With the release of the GLOCK 27 Gen5 in 40 S&W the Gen5 family gets a new member. The innovative Gen5 design changes are added to this small, light, accurate and powerful pistol that so many U.S. law enforcement agencies have chosen as their official backup weapon.


 Glock 27

Firstly ,glock 27 gen 5 applying the Gen5 technology this model comes with finish, a flared mag-well, the proven GLOCK Marksman barrel (GMB) and an ambidextrous slide stop lever.

Adjustable like the Gen4 model the subcompact frame of the G27 Gen5 features the modular backstrap and beavertail system (MBS) .

it comes with a reversible magazine catch to accommodate left and right-handed operators.

glock 27 holster

Moreover , The slide width of the 40 S&W Gen5 models is slightly bigger compared to the previous generation. Please consider when choosing your holster.

In addition, Glock presented the “fifth generation” or “Gen5”. The revisions centered on ergonomics and improving reliability.  The two fifth-generation models announced were the Glock 17 and Glock 19, chambered for the 9×19 mm .

Some conspicuous changes on the fifth-generation models are: ambidextrous slide stop levers,  (Diamond-Like Carbon) surface finish for barrel and slide.

Glock 27 Price

a barrel featuring a revised style of polygonal rifling (called the “Glock Marksman Barrel” by Glock), a deeper recessed barrel crown, omission of the finger grooves on the grip, a flared magazine well, and a reintroduction of a (half moon shaped) cutout on the bottom front of the grip.

Furthermore ,the “Gen 5” slide can feature front serrations (FS) to provide an additional tactile traction surface choice. The redesigned magazine floor plates feature a frontward protruding lip to offer grip for manual assisted extraction . The magazine follower became orange colored for easier visual identification.

Why The Glock 27 Gun Is Truly Something Special

one of the fastest growing gun categories is the subcompact pistol for concealed carry. Generally, a scaled down copy of a full-sized semi-automatic handgun, subcompacts typically have all the features of larger guns but in a discrete package. The Glock 27, chambered in .40 Smith & Wesson is one such pistol.

The Glock  fulfills a valuable role, providing compact firepower for those that need it in a simple, extremely reliable package. Although it may not have the magazine capacity of larger pistols, it can also quietly go where other pistols cannot. For those that require such a pistol in their department’s choice of caliber, the Glock  fits the bill.


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