Glock 3.5 Pound Connector (Minus) Gen 5 Compatible


Factory Glock 3.5 LB connector, this is the Glock OEM factory Connector 3.5 LB “minus” (marked “-“) fits all models comes stock on most G17L, G24, G34, G35 models.


3.5 Pound Trigger Connector Glock

3.5 pound trigger connector glock is a drop-in connector (no fitting required). It is designed to give a lighter and smoother trigger pull than factory. This is accomplished by precise manufacturing processes and pre-polishing of the key contact points. These methods ensure the GHOST 3.5 LB. TRIGGER is optimized to improve the trigger pull of all generations of GLOCK® semi-automatic pistols. With a superior GHOST INC® trigger connector you will shoot better and faster.

All of our trigger connectors come with a 100% no questions asked satisfaction guarantee! Why pay more for less?

After shooting the OEM glock trigger connector for some time, I decided I should give the 3.5 lb trigger connector a try and I’m glad I did. Installation was simple and quick. Right off the bat, I can feel the trigger was smoother and lighter. In combination with the 4.5 lb firing spring/striker, the trigger has a very light pull but not too light where the firearm will unintentionally discharge. The combination of the two has also improved my accuracy and follow up shots. Overall I highly recommend this connector if you are looking for a lighter trigger pull. The fast shipping is also a plus.


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